School Mess

Healthy Students, Promising Future.

B.L.D.E.A's Sri B.M. Patil Public School of Excellence is always focused on providing excellent and hygienic food on the plate without deviating away from balancing perfect nutrition for your children. We firmly believe that we can balance variety with nutritious food to around 1150 students, teachers, and staff daily.

The worst nightmare of any parent sending their child to a Day Boarding School is that the quality of food provided to their child will be appropriate or not. However, you can be rest assured with our approach that relies on offering a variety of nutrients to your child from a vast array of eatables or food. The fun part is that we do it without generating a lack of interest in your child towards food in general. Our menu has been carefully designed to suit both your child's nutritional needs and their taste as well.

Here, we provide healthy food and teach them table manners, ethics, and values in life. The staff appointed by the school maintains the mess, and all the employees are the employees of SBMPPS. It is self-managed by the school Authorities and not given on a contract basis, which helps us maintain the standards without compromising the quality.