Health, Security & Safety

Students' Health

The health of each student is a priority to us. Not only as a concern for their general well-being but also because a child's health is an essential factor in the learning process.

The Primary and Secondary Schools have health rooms that have one fully qualified nurse staff. They are available during school hours to administer first aid and primary nursing care to any student injured or feeling unwell. The nurse also undertakes each child's height, weight, and preliminary visual acuity tests annually. In addition to their routine nursing duties, they are actively involved in school life, including school trips, sports days, and health education.

Over 20 members of our teaching and administrative staff are trained in First Aid and Emergency Resuscitation.

Student's Security

We take the security of our school and students very seriously. As a result, we regularly review our security practices inside and outside the school grounds and building. Whether our students are in class, on a school trip or a sports day, we implement strict security measures to protect them at all times.

The latest IP Cameras have been installed throughout the building. The perimeter wall is of maximum height permitted by the local authorities to prevent unauthorized entry to any part of the school.

The security guards are equipped and are provided with a telephone at each main gate. Regular supervisory visits from School as well as regular Management Team visits are made every 15 days.

Facilities and Resources Inside the School are:
  • Access control gates.
  • ID cards for employees.
  • Sign-in registers for staff and visitors and a transfer register between Primary and Secondary.
  • Release of Primary students to listed / authorized caregivers.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • CCTV Surveillance of all indoor areas of school building.
Safety Measures

In case of an emergency, the following facilities and resources (outside the school) will be used:

  • Shri.B.M.Patil Hospital and Research Center (ten minutes drive from the school).
  • VIjayapur Police Department.
  • VIjayapur Fire Department.
  • Random checks are conducted daily by representatives of the school .
Learning Support

The school welcomes students with moderate learning difficulties, in other words, students with special educational needs, provided that it is able to meet these needs and can enable each student to have the chance to fulfill their potential. The Student Support Services team of the Primary School works collaboratively with other team members, class teachers, specialist teachers, teaching assistants and parents to support learning and emotional needs of students. The team members help students through the use of variety of strategies. They work together to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met. These support services support school programmes and to enhance student opportunities for learning. The services are designed to assist students both in managing curriculum requirements and in participating fully in school life.

Primary aged students with special needs are offered services at 3 levels. In Level 1, students are supported all the time in mainstream classes with differentiation in the classroom and students are withdrawn for less than an hour in a week. In level 2, the students are identified as having needs that require individual support for more than an hour but less than 5 hours. These students opt out of foreign languages. In level 3, the students seem to have significant difficulties to be supported in mainstream classes throughout so they are withdrawn for support for more than 5 hours and mainstreamed when they are ready.