Principal's Message

The 21st century is not in the distant future – it is today. We do not have a moment to loose in preparing our students to compete and to succeed.

In this globally and digitally interconnected world, all learners, from cradle to career, need new skills and knowledge to succeed. If we want to prepare our children for success in school, work and life, opportunities to learn 21st-century skills are essential.

As educators, we constantly strive to prepare our students for the ‘real world’ that exists around them. We teach them how to read, write, and calculate. Then, of course, there are the tangible skills we teach; such as how to work in a team, think critically, and be curious about the things they encounter each day. We want to prepare them to lead productive and successful lives once they leave us and enter into the realm of adulthood.

But what lies ahead for our students in the future? Did educators of twenty years ago know that so much of our world would be based on computers and technology now? Unlikely, but yet they had to do their best to prepare their students for this world anyhow. Similarly, we need to paddle our best in equipping the students with the 4 Cs- Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

We, at Sri B. M. Patil Public School, are approaching towards education in a new perspective:

  • Bold, creative and innovative educational ideas.
  • High level of educational experimentation.
  • Use of practices proven to improve student success.
  • Use of multiple approaches to address different learning styles.
  • High level of staff morale and engagement.
  • High level of experiential learning to develop Arts-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical skills.
  • Partnerships that lead to industry and community interface.

Bandana Banerjee
Principal- BLDE Association